Wanted: More security guards!

Wanted: More security guards!

Regal Security Inc. files request with the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services so that temporary unlicensed security guards are able to work during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Unemployment is expected to soar well over 20 percent across the country in a matter of days due to layoffs and economic uncertainty in the wake of COVID-19.

However, one thing is certain during these unprecedented times: the security guard industry will be in even higher demand than ever before as an increasing number of businesses and organizations are seeking innovative solutions to protect their properties, people, and assets.

This is why Nick Vetere, the founder and CEO of Regal Security Inc. in Toronto, has filed a formal request with Sylvia Jones, the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, so that security guard firms in Toronto and across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) can hire temporary unlicensed security guards.

At present, security guards can only be hired with formal training and they must also possess a Security Guard License from Service-Ontario. Since the demand is going to be extremely high for new guard hires, Vetere is appealing to the Minister for leniency as security manpower is needed everywhere.

Vetere’s letter to the Minister states: “I am writing to ascertain whether the Minister may allow temporary guards to be placed (unlicensed) during these trying times. Our industry, the security guard industry, is largely unaffected by the economics of a particular trend in markets and as usual we are seeing a very discernible uptick in the request for security services throughout the region. With the Federal Government forecasting an up to 20 percent unemployment rate, we feel that we could employ in shorter term many of the peoples displaced during this event. Could the Minister allow for such consideration in the short-term, say 120 to 180 days?

Regal Security Inc. is now on a massive hiring campaign with the heavy demand for security services from current and new clients in array of sectors. The firm has a large number of positions – part-time and full-time – that need to be filled immediately. Positions available include security guards, concierge guards, site supervisors, patrol guards, and mobile guards.

Regal offers competitive pay, extensive training, benefits package, superior management support, flexible work hours, career growth, and more! They are even fast-tracking applications to place guards in residential condos, commercial low-and-high-rise buildings, retail, and more.

For those interested in a fulfilling career, visit Regal Security Careers and send your resume to careers@regalsecurity.ca

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