Unforgettable Education is the new learning model for today’s innovative business leaders

Unforgettable Education is the new learning model for today’s innovative business leaders

Transcontinental Institution of Higher Education, an accredited global institution, transforms learners into leaders through its most integrative, systematic, and powerful graduate business programs

The world is experiencing tremendous change and challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and everything as we know it will change in a massive way.

Our economic, commercial, health, political, educational, legal, and societal systems are being uprooted right before our eyes, and from here on in “transformation” on all levels will be the new norm. With this, the “traditional” will be challenged and “innovation” will set us on course for new beginnings.

A case in point is higher education – a much needed sector that will also experience vast change, both in its delivery of programs and methods of learning.

One thing is certain: these unprecedented times will prompt more learners to study online, and institutions are now scrambling to prepare for a surge in distance education applications, while implementing and streamlining more programs of study at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Unfortunately, most of these institutions migrating to online education are failing miserably from a learning perspective.

As business leaders are forced to adapt to the current environment, they need a completely new set of skills to not only adapt to change dictated to them, but to innovate the changes to survive this crisis and beyond.

First, business leaders will want more flexibility in studying online in order to manage a proper work-life balance, along with desiring new ways of learning that’s engaging and meaningful; and, Second, students will seek to enroll at online institutions that are more cost-competitive and accommodating with payment plans. That’s right, traditional institutions, whether they are bricks and mortar, or aged online entities founded on old-school industrial teaching styles with boring lectures, will see lots of stiff competition from new universities launching and offering innovative programs.

Enter Transcontinental Institution of Higher Education, a relatively new accredited global institution that is way ahead of the curve with its course delivery and new approaches to learning that transforms its learners.

With offices in the USA, EU, Africa and Asia, Transcontinental offers Unforgettable Education for today’s learners, those who are frontrunners in their own right. It is Accredited by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (Malta, EU), who is an Affiliate Member of ENQA – License Number: 2017-007, Category: Higher Education Institution MQF Level: 8.

Besides the formal accreditation, Transcontinental’s programs are unforgettable because of its powerful systems that revolutionizes higher education. Built by renowned consultants, business leaders, psychologists, researchers, engineers, and global academics, you will experience many innovations that focus on your needs. Imagine starting a new class and the professor already knows your developmental needs and has adapted the class to fit your needs. So, when you graduate with a degree from Transcontinental, you will not only have a fully recognized degree, but also possess the emotional intelligence and vast skills set, such as systems thinking, to achieve greatness in applications, research, and business leadership anywhere in the world.

Their launch of online and executive graduate programs – EMBA and PhD – is timely and will resonate with those learners who desire change, challenges, and innovation. The programs are designed for those looking to advance their careers and lead their communities. To put it simply, those in pursuit of a post-graduate degree will most likely flock to this institution simply because they are becoming known as the leading global online institution that is transforming learners into leaders through its most integrative, systematic and powerful graduate business programs.

Let’s take a closer look at why Transcontinental will continue to remain a cut above the rest.

It all has to do with its fundamental “reactive” versus “proactive” strategies it delivers to students and how it opens their minds to the world around them. This educational approach is key in the time of this major pandemic that we are currently experiencing and will be an essential tool as we all navigate through uncertain times that lie ahead.

“Reactive versus proactive strategies is one of the root causes for the current pandemic,” explains Dr.2 Sun, who holds two doctorates and is the Chief Innovations Officer and President of Transcontinental Institution of Higher Education.

“The current pandemic is a result of reactive mentalities across all levels of leaders. Without being able to think systemically, we are forced to experience this global pandemic. This is due to the lack of focus on developing skills for proactive and systems thinking within higher education,” says Dr.2 Sun. “When we look at most leaders in government and business, they have had university education. This university education has a dominant focus on reactive strategies derived from management principles from the early 1900’s. For example, conflict resolution and change management – the theories being taught are focused mostly on how to deal with the negatives of an event. This leaves leaders to face such an event to apply these theories, if they remember them. Another major problem is the limited recall of one’s education. The system of education was not designed to develop skills nor how current research defines learning that requires relative change in memory. As we continue to face more and more disasters, a focus on proactive strategies for the ideal world we want must balance the abundant reactive thinking.”

Simply put, universities are not designed for systems thinking development.  However, Transcontinental Institution of Higher Education is!

“Unfortunately, this pandemic is a huge lesson for all; we need leaders at all business levels and government who can think systemically to not just save lives, but to creative a thriving global environment,” adds Dr.2 Sun  – a widely known academic, author, researcher, consultant, and inspirational speaker.

“The current pandemic could have been addressed much earlier if leaders thought systemically about the systems that drive human life. Regardless of which part of the world you live in, this pandemic affects every person. The game being played is highly profitable for a select few. Education must move forward and prevent from such horrors; systems thinking has to be designed into the entire curriculum to develop proactive and strategic thought. And at this point in time, this is no longer an option. Learning to think systemically for the survival of family has to be the responsibility of higher education. We need to all act together to create systems that drive healthy and happy societies, and our institution will lead the way on all these fronts for our students and which will be a true benefit for everyone, both short-term and long-term.”

The courses offered at the EMBA and PhD levels at Transcontinental focus on growth in complex intelligences and are all connected to the real-world scenarios.

The EMBA offers the most integrative curriculum with courses like Technological Influences on Finance and Innovation, Strategic Design and Implementation, and Building an Emotionally Intelligent System of Business. The PhD program focusses students on critically assessing these holes in existing theories and equips students with skills for creating new theories. The integrative courses at the PhD level include Grounded Research Theory, Organizational Culture, Change and Leadership, Master Epistemology, Application of Systems Thinking, Emotional Intelligence and Ethics. The PhD program also includes a Dissertation Research study for publication that challenges “traditional” theories with “transformational” theories. The bottom line – this esteemed institution teaches each innovator on how to turn problems into systemic solutions, long-term ones with humanitarian and cutting-edge commerce applications in mind, both in theory and practice using a highly advanced education model supported by the most humble and caring faculty.

But wait, when you enroll at this popular global institution, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. The EMBA and PhD tuition fees are cost competitive: The EMBA program, which can be completed within 16 months, costs $21,580 USD; and, the PhD program, which can be completed in 48 months, costs $22,345 USD. You can pay monthly or in installments. At present, with the COVID-19 relief efforts in place, the institution has waived tuition fees for the next 60-days for its current students (April to May 2020)

Just think about this too – why would you not enroll at this institution? Traditional universities in the USA, Canada, and Europe however charge between $50,000 to $100,000 USD for these degrees, along with forgettable knowledge. You get a world-class degree and experience an affordable program with immense flexibility. You get the best and most transformative experience at Transcontinental, and that’s a good thing for you, your family, and society as a whole. Making education accessible has, and will continue to be, a hallmark feature of this newly established global institution.

On the faculty front, every student has access to world-leading consultants who are armed with the best education, and, who have the leadership and business skills that will help skyrocket your career to the next level. As part of the unforgettable educational model, they don’t use full time professors that many are used to. Instead, they use practitioners who are on the front lines of driving change in organizations. The faculty will take you on an educational adventure like no other, allowing you to explore and understand balance, growth, integrity, truth, humanity, passion, systematic wisdom, innovation, empathy, and loyalty – the key pillars for leadership and  business success in our ever-so-changing world.

“Whether you’re an educator or someone exploring education, you need to start by asking the right questions to challenge conventional wisdom. Questions like: How much will I be able to remember and apply effectively after each course? And, if you’re an educational leader, initiate theory creation with an imbued understanding of its cultural and environmental influences. Such efforts create the new ideas that transform systems and nations. Let’s lead this initiative together,” adds Dr.2 Sun.

Visit Transcontinental Institution of Higher Education and empower yourself so that you can empower others today.

The Unforgettable Education movement is in, so hop on board, you will be amazed at how it can help you exceed your potentials.

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