Talsam: Smart wearable technology meets jewelry

Talsam: Smart wearable technology meets jewelry

The future of jewelry has finally arrived.

Meet Talsam, a technology enabled charm that makes a loved one feel special, safe, and connected.

The luxury device, fashionable and stylish in every sense, is powered by a private messaging app that lets you connect with others and ensures safety, even when you’re apart.

Talsam is designed to be a special gift and the charms are handmade in Europe using semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals, packaged inside a plush, reusable jewelry box that you will want to show off in the living room or dining room.

The app is loaded with some cool features

  • When you send a loved one a message using the Talsam app (available for iOS and Android), the charm lights up and vibrates to let them know.
  • They can send you and their local authorities an emergency alert containing their location by pressing the button on their charm.
  • They can send you quick status messages, like “I miss you” or “call me” by pressing the button on their charm.
  • You can send them secret messages that must be unlocked using the charm.

The charm retails for $199 (USD) and is the most amazing piece of wearable technology on the market – hands down!

“The electronics are hidden in the fashionable accessory so effortlessly that no one would suspect it’s connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth,” states the company in their promotional materials. “All of our jewelry is made with hypoallergenic stainless steel ensuring that even the most sensitive of skins can wear it without irritation or discomfort. Every charm contains a concealed USB-C connector for charging, and a full charge takes less than two hours and delivers up to seven days of use.”

This high-end jewelry boasts the best in craftmanship.

The stones are handcut and buffed, and the metal components involve welding and polishing by hand to achieve the desired finish. Each charm is adorned with six Swarovski crystals arranged in the pattern of the Lyra Constellation. Each crystal is deftly placed in a hole on the stone and secured in place to ensure a perfect fit,” states its team.

“It’s such precision work that the creators of Talsam customized their own drilling system, manufacturing techniques and tools to produce this flawless design. The final effect is stunning, highlighted by the sequential pattern as the crystals light up like shooting stars each time a loved one activates the notification,” says the team.

“Every charm comes with an adjustable-length stainless steel bracelet and necklace, velvet travel pouch, microfiber polishing cloth, custom charging cable and wall adapter. The reusable jewelry box is an ideal spot to store the charm and its accessories,” adds the team.

Loved ones can communicate in a dedicated message feed within the Talsam app, where they can share texts, videos, voice notes, photos, quotes, and animated emojis.

The app also offers them a Moment Stream, a timeline of “feel good” memories they can relive anytime. Users can organize incoming messages in the app according to one of five positive emotions: Amused, Happy, Loved, Optimistic and Thankful.

Once tagged, messages are automatically added to their Moment Stream with the associated emotion represented by a unique color and emoji. Users can then browse old messages based on how they made them feel. It’s a fun way to relive positive moments from the past without having to scroll endlessly through your phone.

The inaugural line is highlighted by six semi-precious stones, each boasting its own set of unique properties, and encased in PVD-coated stainless steel.

Amazonite and Yellow Gold

Amazonite is a soothing stone that is thought to have a calming effect and an array of healing qualities. Some say that it boosts loving communication and even has the potential to empower you to discover your truth.

Black Sardonyx and Silver

Black Sardonyx is a stone of protection and strength. It is said that the Ancient Greeks and Romans believed Sardonyx rewarded its wearer with true love and faithfulness. Wearing this stone is thought to attract friends and fortune.

Blue Goldstone and Rose Gold (Signature Style)

Blue Goldstone is historically known as Aventurine Glass, from the Italian word for “accidental,” because it is said that it was accidentally discovered by alchemist monks, who were trying to make gold. Its sparkle comes from flecks of copper suspended in glass. It is the stone of ambition, promoting wisdom, energy and courage.

Gray Agate and Silver

Gray Agate is known as a grounding stone that harmonizes the mind, body and soul. It has been used for healing as far back as Babylon. It was considered so powerful in Medieval times that tying it to the horns of oxen was thought to yield a plentiful harvest.

Lapis Lazuli and Yellow Gold

Lapis Lazuli has been sought after for its protective qualities for centuries. The sarcophagus of King Tutankhamen was lined with this stone and it is said that Michelangelo grounded it up into powder and used it to paint the Sistine Chapel. Lapis is thought to shield its wearer from harm and bestow them with wisdom, truth and understanding.

White Howlite and Rose Gold

White Howlite is a stone of awareness and positivity. It is thought to have therapeutic properties, helping to absorb anger and release tension. It promotes peace, kindness and calmness. Some say that wearing it has the same effect as spending hours in a spa.

My advice – get one! This is amazing jewelry and you will be richer for it and safer too!

Stay safe, stay connected and stay in love!

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