Meet Vocalmeet: Empowering Associations Through Access to Online Education

Meet Vocalmeet: Empowering Associations Through Access to Online Education

For Dr. Laurelle Jno Baptiste, Vice President of Professional Services at Vocalmeet, an award-winning innovator, technologist and educator, access to quality education has been a life-long passion.

Her passion for education grew into a hunger to succeed, which has propelled her into a career helping associations, learning institutions, and organizations across North America drive technology innovation through the development of online learning platforms.

Having led the implementation of hundreds of online learning platforms over the past 12 years, Dr. Jno Baptiste knows a thing or two about the changing landscape of this digital age. For example, this era of change, what has been termed “The Great Resignation” hasn’t caught everyone off guard, and has been a long time coming, according to Anthony Koltz, associate professor of management at Texas A&M University, who recently coined the term.

Dr. Jno Baptiste believes that the global health crisis has only exasperated a problem that was already underway. However, this mass exodus from the workforce opens up opportunities for associations and member-based organizations to excel and provide opportunities for solutions.

She believes that associations are uniquely positioned to offer members a much-needed sense of community and upskill opportunities that are needed during an era of change.

Offering opportunities for people to access their online learning platforms from anywhere, and at any time, in addition to providing purposeful education, arms individuals with the tools they need to transition from one position or career to the next.

Being at the forefront of the digital revolution of online learning and being able to help associations navigate this digital age is among the proudest of accomplishments for Dr. Jno Baptiste. And, she believes that as technologies continue to advance, the opportunities to enhance the online learning experience continues to grow, giving associations and organizations an opportunity to thrive and succeed as well, by offering members even more state-of-the-art learning technologies through Vocalmeet.

“Access to education changed my life, so I’m passionate about connecting knowledge, technology and people by transforming the way organizations deliver education online,” says Dr. Jno Baptiste.

There are several lessons to be learned from the rapid transition to remote working, learning and from the massive changes in the workforce. One of those lessons is that creating a positive and productive work culture is more important than ever. Using an online platform to give association members an opportunity to share their thoughts, while feeling part of a community, is essential to a healthy work culture.

Another method of empowering association members is through a focus on education and personal growth. Professional work development is an important part of helping association members grow, and advance their professional lives. However, non-work related, personal development is a big factor as to why people seek other opportunities.

Empowering them to work on their personal wellness is more important than ever.

“The ‘great resignation’ does not have to mean doom and gloom for organizations and associations, because it actually opens up new opportunities to improve,” says Dr. Jno Baptiste.

Thanks to online technology, bringing on new members is not limited by geographic location, so the membership pool is diverse and vast.

An opportunity exists to use technology to make new members feel comfortable, and a part of the community.

To have access to the expertise, experience, and passion of purpose-driven technologist, like those at Vocalmeet, the great resignation will prove to be the catalyst for positive and productive change.

“I am honored and excited to be a part of this transitional time in online learning and engagement, and I feel empowered by providing the advanced technology and professionalism that Vocalmeet has to offer,” adds Dr. Jno Baptiste.

For more than twelve years, the leadership team at Vocalmeet has worked closely with professional associations across North America, to enhance their member benefits by providing online, continuing professional education platforms. Vocalmeet has earned its stellar reputation from a steadfast commitment to client success, and by providing exceptional project management and customer service at every level because they understand the unique needs of associations and organizations and what it takes to succeed.

For more information and to join the online learning movement, visit Vocalmeet online today.

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