Let’s Keep It Simple – This mouthpiece delivers jaw dropping results for your workouts

Let’s Keep It Simple – This mouthpiece delivers jaw dropping results for your workouts

People who are serious with staying in top shape are always striving to go that extra-distance at the gym to make each workout count.

To achieve this goal, fitness nuts will try all sorts of new products that will help take their workouts to the next level, like new shoes, apps, and workout gear of all sorts. But the truth remains that there are actually a very limited number of products that help boost performance.

This new fitness tech though, has got everyone talking. Right from how it looks to how it naturally helps enhance your strength and balance, the mouthpieces from New Age Performance are walking the talk.

The concept of this technology boils down to jaw alignment , which is a major factor in optimizing performance capabilities. By helping you generate the right bite, the mouthpiece unlocks your optimal physical performance.  

What fosters this tech further are the scientific studies. That’s right, New Age Performance mouthpieces are backed by credible research. Having the right bite places the body in its most optimum position and this helps produce more strength, better balance, flexibility, range of motion and the oxygen flow is also greatly improved.

There are multiple companies making mouthware but New Age Performance sets the bar high with the its build quality, comfort, and durability of the 5DS and 6DS mouthpieces. Worn on the lower teeth, the 5DS series is ideal for athletes involved in non-contact sports and everyday workouts at the gym, while the 6DS series is best suited for contact sports and heavy weight training. And no, it’s not only for the heavy lifters, it’s for every sport and every kind of a workout. Right from Zumba and Pilates to running and even golf, anybody can use it.

Their recent collaboration with MARVEL comics has spiced things up, and the Marvel-themed mouthpieces are selling like hot cakes! You can pick from Deadpool, Spiderman, Ironman, Captain America, Hulk, and the Punisher.

Orders yours today and get in on all the action!

Sarina Naidoo

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