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    Richard Wong

    Richard Wong is an author, journalist, and lecturer, and spends his time between Toronto and the Silicon Valley. He reports on technology, politics, apps, and security. He now earning his Master of Arts Degree in Communications at the University of Westminster in London.

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  • LazyPi wants to give the internet (TCP/IP) a big reboot

    LazyPi wants to give the internet (TCP/IP) a big reboot0

    How about a new internet for the planet, and a new internet currency to go with it? There are disruptors in the tech space and then there are disruptors who do more than just disrupt – they change the world. Meet Lazypi, the world’s new internet nodes for generating the internet for your own that

  • Wanted: More security guards!

    Wanted: More security guards!0

    Regal Security Inc. files request with the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services so that temporary unlicensed security guards are able to work during the COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment is expected to soar well over 20 percent across the country in a matter of days due to layoffs and economic uncertainty in the wake of


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