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    Paul Fitzgerald

    Paul Fitzgerald is a science and technology journalist based in Toronto, ON, and he also is the founder and owner of Salt & Pepper Media Inc., a widely known public relations firm that secures media coverage for new tech start-ups. He is also a freelance writer with the Toronto Sun and the Toronto Tribune, and he hosts the Tech Spotlight Feature on YourTV News and Halton Outlook Today (HOT) News. Fitzgerald's firm has clients in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, New York City, San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Las Vegas.

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  • Behind the Idea of IdeaPros: Fred Cary

    Behind the Idea of IdeaPros: Fred Cary0

    If becoming a successful entrepreneur was easy, we’d all have successful businesses and be lounging by a pool all day. Who doesn’t want to thrive in their industry while managing your own time and being your own boss, right? The fact is, flourishing in the business world takes much more than just money. It also

  • Let TruxTrax track your mileage, hours of service

    Let TruxTrax track your mileage, hours of service0

    Entrepreneurs, business executives, and professional truck drivers share one thing in common: they are always on the hunt to find the best method for tracking their mileage and activity on the road for monthly business expenses and year-end tax filing. If you ask just about any busy professional, they will attest that this is a